Monday, December 13, 2010

uuYEAyyhh..yesterday night went to Sidney & True Worshippers consert at SIB On The Rock
Praise&Worship concert..
and its A.W.E.S.O.M.E dude.Yup..nang happening.(konsert nang la happening,duhh.)
I'm soo blessed that I can attended the True Worshippers concert . All of the songs are greattt! I'm really blessed by them!
I remembered Sidney Mohede said this 'Trust in our God with ALL your heart.'
and its kinda woke me up.I told my self, 'Yah that's right.U so true man'
Without Him,your talent,kekayaan,semua yang ada pada diri kita ni x da makna.
So,do invite Him in ur life.

Jesus will always be with us.Though we in problems also when we in happiness.
If we believe in God,bukan bermaksud kita x da lagi masalah-masalah,x da lagi kebimbangan.tapi dengan adanya Dia,Dia menyediakan jalan terbaek bagi tiap masalah kita.
Dia akan memberi petunjuk bagi setiap kebimbangan kita.

Next,imma share pics sekitar konsert marek.

1st,before consert start,Sidney take our pics and he said 'Later,imma put this on my Twitter.ok2,don't move.'
and we like 'WOohoo.'=D

                                                    Time tok mc take part.

                                 What happen??u can see Sidney play back

                                Sebahagian daripada youth's yang hadir.
                                 Cenderahati time!!=D

                        Sidney like..''s guitar.small guitar'.lol
                          Actually its 'SAPE'.we called it. Sape.Small version one.
                                  Here we come.Guitaris. yeahh..u soo cool man.=D

                                Next..awesome keyboardist.=)
                                Bassist turn.yeahh.nice..=D
                           aww..Drummer turn.u rock dude.      
                          Seriously man.=D
    Sesi bergambar.Sidney said 'ayo'..ambil gambarnya dong'.and we all like 'LOLs'

Sorry keyh. cz semua pics tok x terang.huh..=(
But what can i do.
Last but not least,Thx God cz u gave such a wonderfull night.
Imma share antara lagu nok dinyanyikn marek.also theme songs for 

True Worshippers new album.its called Glory To Glory

Clik on link below.  : )

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